Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

I believe the abdominals are perhaps the hardest thing to properly work out. I have been working out intensely for over a year, and have not noticed much changes in my abs. We received the Dual Ab Wheel (VAW) from Valeo, and are happy to report that is was directly responsible for some of the greatest gains that we have noticed in regards to our abs. The premise of the ab wheel is fairly simple – one just rolls back and forth, using the wheel to crunch. There are a number of variations to this exercise – one can be up on the tips of their toes, with their knees on the ground, or can even be on a body ball.
The initial few days will be hell on individuals that choose to use the Ab Wheel – the movement that it promotes is simply not something that many are familiar with. However, after a few days using the ab wheel, one will be hungering for more.

Valeo has made an ab wheel that is light yet strong, and is easy enough to put together. For those that may not know the sheer range of exercises that are available to them, Valeo has provided a workout sheet with this package.

Abs may be the hardest thing to tone and perfect, but having an Ab Wheel will make that difficult task that much easier. Buying the Valeo Ab Wheel will ensure that one can do all sorts of these exercises without having to purchase another tool or trinket. Check their web site out today for more information, and a list of the different products that the company currently makes.

Rating: 8.3/10

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