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After a while of supplementing, there is a good chance that you will get your GI tract all bound up. This is particularly prevalent for those that supplement with protein drinks, Thus, supplementing with a fiber-based product is absolutely essential for maintaining one’s health. Species Nutrition has created Fiberlyze; one need only put a scoop of the product into a drink two or three times a day. After that, overall health increases – there are less substances just sitting in one’s colon, and decreases the possibility that one will get colon cancer.

There are few calories (45), offset by the presence of Calcium (15% RDA) and Potassium (2% RDA). The miscibility of the product is considerable, ensuring a smooth drinking experience for anyone that supplements with Fiberlyze. For those that have been turned off in the past by these types of products, Fiberlyze has two solid flavors – Lemonade and Fruit Punch; the Fruit Punch is able to approximate the sugar and water drinks that I had when I was a kid, rather than the bizarre flavor profiles that are usually present in workout supplements. We just polished off a bottle of Fiberlyze, and noticed that there was little bloating to be had compared to other products on the market. The psyillium in Fiberlyze is enough to keep the bowels in perfect repair, no matter how many of the protein drinks that I may take down in a day.

Keep an eye on Species Nutrition in 2012 – they have expanded their product offering to include offerings for any normal bodybuilding need. Their dedication to creating a quality product is manifest in each of the products that they create – one should be confident that what they are receiving from the company is absolutely stellar.

Rating: 8.7/10

Fiberlyze / Species Nutrition / http://speciesnutrition.com/ / http://speciesnutrition.com/storemenu/fiberlyze.html

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