Platinum Model 520 – Women’s Lifting Gloves

Platinum Model 520 – Women’s Lifting Gloves / /

We have been able to test out Schiek’s Platinum Model 520 for a number of months. We are pleased to report that they can take any sort of beating. This means that whether it be gripping the bar for a squat, powering through chest presses, or doing deadlifts or dumb bell work, the Schiek gloves are able to provide substantial protection for one’s hands.

Schiek is one of the few workout companies that does not created fully different products for male and female populations. While the cut of the Platinum Model 520 is slightly different from the men’s 530 and 540, the design quality and leather used is the same. This means that those women that are looking to have a serious workout can do so without having callouses or more severe hand injuries. The wrap-around              Velcro ensure that the glove does not move as one is doing their sets, while the black coloring of the glove will not bleed onto one’s hand no matter how many times one washes or wears it.

I was a big fan of the FINS, which allow the glove to be pulled off. This is a god-send, considering the one’s hands tend to swell after a vigorous workout. No matter which body parts one works out during their sets, the quality of the gloves ensures that there will be no slippage. These gloves have been used heavily for months without the slightest bit of wear; the stitching is still holding tight. There are a wide variety of different lifting gloves that are available for purchase, but I feel that Schiek are the only ones that we have reviewed that are any good. They are cheap to buy as well – one only need outlay $35 and shipping for their own pair. Check the Schiek store today – .

Rating: 9.4/10

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