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Torch’d is one of the few energy supplements that we have received that provide the energy that I need throughout the entire course of taking the supplement. The energy that is provided will not create a twitchiness or otherwise unmanageable spike in this energy. The blend of cacao seed extract, caffeine, and dimethylpentylamine means that individuals can drop weight, be provided the energy that they need to complete their workout, or just be able to put in the time that they need at their work or school. The 2 capsule / serving size ensures that one will get about a month and a half out of each bottle, while the price of Torch’d (around $30) will not put any sort of hit on an individual’s finances.  The amount of caffeine per serving (140 mg) is roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee; this means that an individual can have a caffeine-containing beverage without having to worry about negative or otherwise problematic effects.

I liked using Torch’d right before I worked out; it provided me the energy that I needed to begin strong and stay effectual through the entirety of the workout. The increase in focus that I received while supplementing with the product allowed me to delve deep and put up some serious numbers whenever I made it to the gym. I believe the focus to Torch’d is smart, as by placing in only those compounds that have been empirically shown to have worked, the resulting effort is that much stronger. Youth Addict has a number of different products with which one can supplement; I would strongly suggest to check out their website to properly stock up, no matter what goals that you may have with your workout.

Rating: 8.4/10

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