Body Mortar (Intra-workout)

BM_BRWhenever I go to the gym, there are a number of individuals that have a gallon of water and nothing else. It is important to be properly hydrated during a workout, but the human body excretes salts and other minerals that are desperately needed. When one is drinking only water, they are left with a mineral imbalance. This wreaks havoc on bodies and forces individuals to achieve smaller gains than they would like. Body Mortar is the product that we have supplemented with through the last few months, and I feel as if it is one of the key reasons why we have been breaking through our plateaus.

Body Mortar comes in a ratio that decreases the possibility of lean muscle catabolization; the presence of glutamine here also staves off against a body’s natural tendency to break down muscle. The miscibility of Body Mortar is simply better than other intra-workouts that we have sampled. One will be given a smooth (rather than gritty) drink whenever they supplement with Body Mortar. The flavoring is unlike anything that we have ever tasted, and the blue raspberry flavor is to die for.

Advanced Muscle Science has formulated their Body Mortar in two distinct ways: there is a plain formulation and one that does not contain carbohydrates. I feel that the carb-containing version is better, as a body needs additional carbohydrates during every workout session. Individuals that are on a strict diet would do well to pick up the “no carb” formulation.

Rating: 9.0/10


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2 thoughts on “Body Mortar (Intra-workout)”

  1. Best intraworkout I’ve ever used. Completely tasty and effective- especially if trying to maintain muscle on a cut!

  2. Great price, flavored well and mixes perfectly. The BCAA’s, glutamine and now electrolytes is a perfect supp for during or after working out!

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