Gentleman Jack – Rare Tennessee Whiskey

We have reviewed a number of whiskeys in NeuFutur, but Gentleman Jack has always been elusive. We were luck enough to receive a bottle for review, and are pleased to report that it is perhaps the best value for price that one can find at a liquor store. Gentleman Jack is extremely versatile, and it is this “everything for everyone” attitude that gives it such worth. The spirit will work well in a mix – a whiskey sour or a mint julep allows the whiskey to showcase its inimitable burn in the framing of a well-known and less risky mixed drink. The initial nose of Gentleman Jack is unlike any whiskey we have tried; one will be able to discern apple, charred oak, and even a dry terroir. As it goes down, the overall flavor profile shifts into a spicy, honey-drenched burn that will stick with imbibers throughout the cool nights of autumn and early winter.

Regardless of whether one normally drinks whiskey straight, a session with Gentleman Jack is absolutely necessary. The rich smokiness of the whiskey allows for a considerable array of earthy, woody, and even floral notes to be observed. No two sips will yield the exact same bouquet, as variations in the spirit’s temperature and aeration allow for nearly imperceptible changes. For those that want to have an utterly memorable (if not unforgettable) time, Gentleman Jack would be a stellar purchase.

Gentleman Jack can be purchased at local, well-stocked liquor stores. A bottle will cost around $39-45 and would be a great addition to the stocking of any of-age secret santa or family member. Check the Jack Daniels website (linked above) for additional news about their company and product line.

Rating: 9.3/10

Gentleman Jack – Rare Tennessee Whiskey / Jack Daniels /

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