Holistic Healing For Cancer

If there is one disease that has been defeating researchers all over the world, it is cancer. There are no drugs that can claim to cure it completely. In such a case, it is up to you, as an individual, to empower yourself and protect yourself against cancer. The only way to do this is to arm yourself with knowledge of the ways in which you can eliminate this disease that ravages your body.

It is a belief that holistic methods of healing can not only prevent cancer but also reverse it in case it has already taken hold of the body. These methods of healing bring about a proper balance of the mind and body. Given below are the issues that need to be addressed to fight cancer and eradicate it.

1. Nutrition – The first and foremost issue you must address is nutrition that includes pure water. A good and healthy anti cancer diet does not include foods that strengthen cancerous cells and feed them. Foods like refined sugar, sugar substitutes, trans fatty acids, refined flour, dairy products, carbonated beverages, processed food, alcohol, coffee and other such foods should be avoided.

If you notice, these foods form a major part of our diet in today’s world. So, if you eliminate these foods from your diet, what are you left with? Well, go back to the basics and include nutritive plant foods like fruits, herbs and vegetables. Some foods, more than the others, have healing properties. Plant foods like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables and others should be a major part of your diet.

Include olive, flax or coconut oil in your cooking but make sure that coconut oil is not heated. Whole grains are also nutritive as compared to refined grains. Instead of sugar, use natural sweeteners like stevia.

An anti cancerous diet includes more of raw food than cooked food to aid the healing process and ensure that your body has an alkaline environment.

2. Oxygen – We have all learnt since our school days that oxygen is the most essential thing for survival – more essential than food and water. But, when toxins accumulate in the body, the quantity of oxygen delivered to the cells decreases, leading to cancer. To ensure that all the cells of your body get sufficient oxygen, exercise regularly, drink ozonated water and do deep breathing, which is a form of energy healing to prevent cancer.

3. Strengthen Immune System – The reason that so many life-threatening diseases attack the body is a weak immune system. When there are negative stressors in the body, cells mutate and cause uncontrollable malignancy. A strong immune system will prevent such malignant mutation, identify, and destroy the abnormal cells.

Following the above steps call for a change in your lifestyle. Are you prepared to do that? You have to let go of stress, eat and sleep well and on time and exercise regularly. Unless you do this and have a positive attitude, the struggle to fight cancer isn’t too hopeful. Isn’t this way better than inviting the dreaded disease to make its home in your body and ravage it? Learn more about cancer energy healing for a healthy, disease free life.

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