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The Shiner Holiday Cheer, a dunkelweizen (dark wheat ale) is a decidedly different effort than what comes around for the holiday season. This is because the beer is brewed with pecans and peaches, adding lightness to the beer that is refreshing instead of heavy. Shiner Holiday Cheer is a unique effort that pours nicely, giving imbibers a nice head and nose that blends together hints of the aforementioned peaches and a small tartness. The head rapidly dissipates, while the initial taste bursts forth with a light, fruity, floral profile. The beer is extremely easy drinking while providing a decent alcohol content (5.4%) and considerable variation from their timeless bock or from other offerings at a bar or restaurant. The aftertaste disappears rapidly, keeping in line with the beer’s airy and wide-open flavor.

Shiner Holiday Cheer is readily available through much of the United States, and the beer’s desire to march to the beat of a different drummer makes this a perfect addition for anyone that is any sort of beer fan. The nuanced flavor of Holiday Cheer ensures that imbibers will have a considerably different and always delightful time whenever they purchase a six pack. Look for the classically-designed holder and red/green color scheme of the Holiday Cheer; it is unmistakable even at a distance. Let us know what you think about the beer, and keep your eye out for Spoetzl’s 2013 efforts.

Rating: 8.6/10

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