Adventures in Time and Space Tour – Figure, House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio – March 8th, 2013

As an update to the original flyers and show information, Eric Evasion replaced 2Rip. Signs explaining the change in lineup were present through the front of the House of Blues.

Sean 2:16 immediately preceded Figure, and created a high-energy set that blended the bluntness of dubstep drops with popular culture (Pokemon clips) and samples from top-20 EDM efforts (Benny Benassi, Skrillex). The flow of the set kept the energy high, but the venue’s sound seemed incredibly low throughout the entirety of Sean 2:16’s set. The verdict is out for Sean 2:16 for this reason; keep an eye on him at .

The House of Blues became decently filled for Figure’s set. A substantial contingent of attendees came back into the venue during the switchover from Sean 2:16 to Figure. From the initial notes of Figure’s set, listeners were absolutely floored by the booming bass and electricity that flowed through eir set. Figure’s set was bolstered through the inclusion of a continual visual element; this graphical representation of eir music provided a full package.  Figure’s placement at a level above the stage created a larger than life feel to the performer. There was no lack of energy during this headlining effort; the audience furtively ate up everything that Figure offered up. No matter how gritty or grimy Figure got, there was a good vibe emanating throughout the venue; the audience was even able to maintain a pit for an extended run.

For those individuals that were unable to make a date on the Figure tour this time around, check out eir Soundcloud ( for a twenty-two minute touching upon the styles and the overall feel that is to be expected on the Adventures in Time and Space Tour.

Figure’s review: 9.1/10

images – Figure, House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio – March 8th, 2013 / Opening: Eric Evasion, Sean 2:16 /

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