Tripel White 20th Anniversary Ale (Blue Moon)

Blue Moon is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a brewery and has created a congratulatory beer in their Tripel White that is boozy, fruity, and will keep the party going into deep into the night. The Tripel White pours with a hazy gold coloration and a fair amount of whitish head; the initial nose of the 20th Anniversary Ale ties together hints of yeast with a tart fruity ending. Lacing will continue to demarcate the level of progression that one has regarding the Tripel White.


When one sits down and takes their initial sip of this Blue Moon brew, they will be greeted with a fair amount of sugary and sweet elements with just enough orange and lemon to keep things well-balanced. There is a good amount of wheat and malt that can be discerned that the back end of each sip. A small thread of sharp alcohol flavor can be discerned at points which acts as a palette refresher, urging imbibers on to take further sips. This warming effort is particularly successful as the days continues to dip in temperature; the 20th Anniversary Tripel White would be the perfect fare sitting around a bonfire or winding down a night.

I feel that the 20th Anniversary Ale would be the perfect sort of introduction of those that have had their fair share of hefeweizens, lagers, and pilsners and want to move into some of the more alcohol-forward Belgian beer offerings. There is a considerable depth to the flavors that one will experience when they have a glass of the beer, which continually shift and change as the effort gets closer to room temperature. For more information about the full array of Blue Moon offerings, check out their domain. We were lucky enough to review their White IPA earlier this year.

Rating: 9.0/10

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