Final Vortex Interview

Hello. Can you provide us a little information about Final Vortex and what you are attempting to do with your music?                                                                                                                                         

FINAL VORTEX began a few years ago with me Phillip Castaneda on all instruments, vocals and production. Latvi Mae does female vocals. Since then we’ve released our debut CD called ‘Threshold’ on Vision of God records and now ‘Ivory Eve’ as an independent release. Our endeavor is to form something of a sonic archeology. That is to say, we hope to unearth musically lost or hidden tone and noises. 

What difficulties have you experienced in your musical career?                                                                                

Difficulties mostly exist with the need for more time. Since me and Latvi both work full time jobs, schedules can be challenging. 12179346_173792389631350_1853013169_n

What role does faith play in your music (career, performances)?                                                                              

The subject of biblical faith I hoped would play out as a personal awake up call to the listener as well as to me. Stirring up a desire to know Jesus, one on one!  But, rather than being too cliché I felt like there should be wonder, mood, mystery and abstraction to the lyrics and meaning.    

Ivory Eve is your new album. What significance does the album’s title have?                                                       

Ivory Eve is meant to depict the day of judgement or what would I call spiritual ultimate reality. It deals with the whole of humanity face to face with the immaculate, shadow less throne of heaven.  For some this moment will cause tears of joy for others it will cause tears of deep regret.      

How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?                                                          

At the first we we’re quite perplexed about what particular genre we should fall under. Every song was as if a strange new creature was coming to life by accident in a science lab. Or it was like taking this synergy of sound putting it in a blender then out come’s FINAL VORTEX. Well then we finally came across this ideal of avant-garde or experimental music and thought that it made good sense for us.12180710_173792096298046_795570511_o

Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?

It’s ultra-complex but always begins with guitar notes. Then there’s a trial and error over beats, vocals and such a like. The recording time to do Ivory Eve actually begun 4am in the morning! Yes loads of headaches and fun all at the same time.

What acts have been the most influential in creating your unique sound?

For sure My Bloody Valentine, Jimmy Hendrix, Cocteau twins

Can you give us an insight about what listeners should expect from yourself through the end of 2015 and into 2016?

Ivory Eve is now available on CD Baby. Our 1st release ‘Threshold‘ will soon be on CD Baby as well. Lots of folks have asked for the song lyrics. So, as time permits I have been posting lyrical videos on Youtube. Also a new release is in the works for 2016! It is destined to be called ‘The Kenosis’. 

How can individuals contact you and hear your music?

We can reached at Final Vortex – Facebook     Reverbnation    Youtube

Finally, do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers at NeuFutur?

A huge thanks NeuFutur and to all those who believe, support and inspire us. The future is here ..Love is a revolution!  


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