Slow Learners (DVD)

Within the first 10 minutes of the indie comedy Slow Learners you know exactly how it will end. It’s a traditional romantic comedy, albeit on a much smaller budget, so it doesn’t take that much intuition to know the leads, both seemingly dorky and unlucky in love, will end up together. But even knowing how it ends, Slow Learners is still charming and funny from start to finish.

Slow Learners
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Squirtgrandhoover / Offul “C” – Dis Letter of Mind

Squirtgrandhoover’s Dis Letter of Mind is able to go back into the mid-1990s for a hard and gritty style, touching upon hints of 2Pac and the Gravediggaz. A backing beat builds off of the work of late-oughts/early-2000s New Orleans, while the flow that issues forth during Dis Letter of Mind is straight fire.Squirtgrandhoover Continue reading “Squirtgrandhoover / Offul “C” – Dis Letter of Mind”

Five Fingertips Release “Nod” Music Video

Five Fingertips have just released the video for “Nod” off of their 2015 self-titled release. The video is a good way to see the context in which the act would like the song to be understood; when there is a little wiggle room in regards to how a listener will conceive of the music that an act releases, this music video does well in keeping one’s attention.


Bold logos are interspersed with band footage, all while high-contrast visuals set the tone for the track. Five Fingertips are able to meld together The Police, emotive nineties rock, and soulful California rock into a taut and compelling package.

Five Fingertips

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Steve Lieberman – Return of the Jewish Pirate v.2

George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is a hard-edged and intense track that flitters with a hint of goth; the overwhelming fuzz that is interspersed in this introductory effort bolsters Steve’s vocals, which come forth with a heavy dollop of Neil Young. Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills is a fairly on-point cover of the classic with a little bit of electronic styles buzzing about with splashy drums and instrumental interludes that take over at points.Gangsta Rabbi

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Martin Del Carpio – Notes from the Underground

Martin Del Carpio – Notes from the Underground CD Review / 2015 Self / 8 Tracks / / /

Kill Your Beauty is the opening composition on Notes from the Underground, the latest work from New York’s Martin Del Carpio. This introductory track creates a musical approximation of the hustle and bustle of a cityscape, with a bold and brash set of instrumentation that gradually gets more chaotic and glitchy. Martin Del Carpio The frenetic energy that is present during this introductory track will capture the attention of fans, while the number of twists and turns that are here ensure that fans will have no idea where Del Carpio will go in the follow-up compositions. Continue reading “Martin Del Carpio – Notes from the Underground”

Birds Over Arkansas – Forgotten Lights

Forgotten Lights is a tender and intricate song from Birds Over Arkansas, a track that touches equally upon the folk, progressive, and singer-songwriting styles. The vocals take listeners on a journey, while on-point drums, guitar, and bass unite to make a fitting backdrop upon which these lyrics can soar. The rich guitar arrangements that are peppered through Forgotten Light are punctuated by splashy and fulfilling drums.

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JoeBelle – Just Say So

A soulful song that blends together a tremendously infectious bass line with heartfelt and deep vocals, JoeBelle’s Just Say So is an effort that will worm its way deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The effort from this North Carolina act goes at 100% from beginning to end, touching upon the Detroit sound of the 1970s, Mary J Blige and Angie Stone, and links the resulting effort into something current and contemporary.JoeBelle

The video does a great job in showcasing the sheer amount of work that goes into the creation of a JoeBelle effort. More information about this unique act can be found at their domain.

JoeBelle – Just Say So / /

Ane Monsrud – Confess Single Review

Confess is the latest effort from Norway’s Ane Monsrud. The track showcases Ane’s ability to set up a harmony with her vocals, something that is further bolstered by the inclusion of thoughtful instrumentation. The track has something for fans of the singer-songwriter, jazz, and classical genres; Monsrud comes forth with tremendous force and finesse during this song.

Ane Monsrud

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