The Art of Solving Clues For Free

Assimilating and arranging pieces of a story to give way to newer clues or a happy ending – jigsaw puzzles say it all. A simple board game which engages and entices the player for a long duration of time. The thrill and thrust to accomplish a task pave the way to excellent team building and team leading skills as a grown up adult. It also sharpens your problem-solving abilities and as a kid it keeps you hooked to a task for a good span of time. This puts the parents at ease and they can go about completing various chores as the child plays. With nuclear families booming, it is impossible to find a playmate unless you stay in a big society. The board game is so interesting that your child does not need a playmate. It has a single and multiplayer flexibility.

Playing online

With digitization setting in, online games are gaining popularity. These are free in nature and do not require any setups. With nuclear families gaining popularity, there is a lingering issue of space management. Board games are intriguing to play, but are difficult to store. As a parent, you need to prioritize and understand your child’s need and your house’s need. A mid ground needs to be created which will engage your children and make your house look tidy. Tablets and mini computers and portable laptops are giving way to free jigsaw puzzles which are inbuilt. There are games which have specifically designed to engage your kids. You can make your children play the game using parental lock as well. This ensures that your kids do not mess up your system and get enlightened about adult information. The inbuilt games also come with difficulty levels and can be customized. This enables your kid to compete with himself and strive for the higher goal.

Gadget zones and limits

In an era where everything is digitized and at your palm top, games are also catching up. By encouraging your children to use online gaming portals and electronic gadgets you make them tech savvy. Tech-savvy kids are called whiz-kids in today’s urban lingo and parents take pride in flaunting them. Born in an artificial intelligence era, kids are accustomed to the gadgets and technical items. Unfortunately, parental supervisions are essential and frequent monitoring is needed. Curiosity is an interesting trait flaunted by the kids and it often leads to over learning. It is said that learning has no limits, but a toddler should not get into the detailing of human biology. This might lead to further experiments which can be fatal to his health.


The free jigsaw puzzles act as a brilliant catch point in shaping your child’s problem-solving nature and team building attitude. He becomes sharp and has good leadership skills and can often mentor kids of his age. The brain tends to release chemicals when the child is solving the puzzles which give a sense of accomplishment. The same feeling crops in when he achieves higher grades in class and aims to work on it further. As a parent, you feel happy as well to see your child grow into a thoughtful individual.

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