Midnight Movies – Nights EP

Midnight Movies – Nights EP / 2008 New Line / 6 Tracks / http://www.midnightmovies.net /

It has been a while since we here at NeuFutur have heard anything from the Midnight Movies, and this “Nights” EP marks the next evolution in their sound. The act makes a strong step forward with their psychedelic version of The Moody Blues’ “Nights In White Satin”. Despite the Jefferson Airplane-styled vocals that are present, the focal point of this track has to be the atmospheric arrangements that dominate during the chorus. Where most acts would keep the cover songs to the end of their CD, Midnight Movies are able to really give the track a life that effectively gives them a pass. The second track is “Should Have Known” and it links the psychedelic sound of the introductory track with a Breeders-style approach to alternative music and a hint of Ministry-esque industrial. Continue reading “Midnight Movies – Nights EP”

OST: Sudden Impact

OST: Sudden Impact / 2008 Aleph / 22 Tracks / http://www.schifrin.com /

Sudden Impact is a film, released in 1983, that features Clint Eastwood. It is also the 4th movie in the Dirty Harry series. Lalo Schifrin was tapped to make the score for this film, after being replaced in eir duties by Jerry Fielding for “The Enforcer”. The first track on this score is the “Main Title” track, and it really seems to show its age. This means that there is a lot of electronic, sequenced types of drums and a very primitive style of scratching, over which a police scanner track is laid over. The one thing that individuals can immediately get behind on this score is the energy with which each of the compositions is couched. Continue reading “OST: Sudden Impact”