Super Hero Kim #1 Review

Super Hero Kim is a comic by Richard Larios, founder of Feral Publications. Feral Publications hopes to, “counter the mindless movies/stories that dominate the current pop culture world.” The comic opens with a letter from the creator that states, “It is my hope that this character will deal with Female issues and show the rest of the comic universes what a feminist super hero looks like. I hope you enjoy and share, or dislike and create something better.”  Continue reading “Super Hero Kim #1 Review”

Suburban Blight #11

This zine opens with a pleasant letter to the reader, and a helpful Table of Contents. The reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement are personal and from the perspective of the white, middle class author. The author talks specifically about tactics that may or may not be successful when bringing a movement to the attention of the boarder public. The author identifies as white and middle class person, so their approach must be surveyed with discretion. The author mentions some books such as The Angela Davis Reader and The Wretched Earth and speaks of how these titles are forcing the author to think critically about their own privilege and how it affects their ideas about organizing. It is great to see more zines covering this important movement. Continue reading “Suburban Blight #11”