Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T EP

My Subconscious starts off in an ominous fashion, providing a bit of world-building before Deaf/Blind/Dumb begin their self-titled EP. Guitar fuzz, a nasty guitar / drum dynamic, and a shuffling beat will get listeners into the release; crust, a bit of thrash, and 1980s hardcore punk can all be heard here. The track picks up speed, with a few seconds of guitar before intense vocals take over. Stud Count is a full-out assault on listeners. There is no breath that listeners can take; Deaf/Blind/Dumb are able to wreak havoc and pull the brakes on the composition at about the minute mark. Starve brings the guitars and distortion back into the forefront, establishing a narrative that permeates not only this third track, but into the second half of this self-titled EP. Continue reading “Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T EP”