Fire To The Stars “Wholesale Slaughter”

Fire To The Stars’ “Wholesale Slaughter” is a trancy piece of indie-rock that takes listeners on a journey. Careful instrumentation and haunting vocals unite to make an engrossing effort. The 4:30 of the single provides ample opportunity for Fire To The Stars to show off powerful guitar chops and a musical tautness that resounds loudly after the track ceases. There is a very natural ebbing and flowing to Wholesale Slaughter that is corralled into a powerful, all-in sort of sound as the band gets ever closer to the concluding strains of the release.

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Fire to the Stars – Stay Down

Stay Down immediately draws listeners in with a combination of haunting guitar work and alluring vocals; this single gradually gains momentum until Fire to the Stars kick in to the chorus. The sheer skill Fire to the Stars exhibit in keeping listeners following intently is unparalleled, creating a track in “Stay Down” that deserves alt-rock radio play. Continue reading “Fire to the Stars – Stay Down”