Peach Bum IPA (Indeed Brewing)

Indeed has released a seasonal for the summer months in their Peach Bum IPA. The beer pours with a brownish-orange coloration and a small amount of off-white head. I feel that the inclusion of peaches into the mix does well to push the beer towards the New England style of IPAs, while the brewery includes enough of the way of a traditional hop bite to make Peach Bum a great sort of shower or lawnmower beer. Throughout each can, one will find hints of the titular peach, apricots, citrus, and both floral and hoppy elements. It is this depth to Peach Bum IPA that ensures one will keep interested throughout. Despite having a lower ABV, Peach Bum is able to keep the overall constellation of flavors present from its initial sip to the final quaff.  Continue reading “Peach Bum IPA (Indeed Brewing)”