An Interview with Maddy Ruff

Today, we are speaking with New York City’s Maddy Ruff. How did you get into music?

I don’t think I really “got into music”. Music has always been a part of my life. My mother was performing 8 shows a week on Broadway in Les Mis up until month 6 of her pregnancy with me! There was no choice to be made, it was something that was already a part of me.   Continue reading “An Interview with Maddy Ruff”

Over It by Maddy Ruff | Review

Hollow is the first track on New York City-native Maddy Ruff’s latest release, Over It. A down and dirty funk groove and vibrant set of vocals inspires listeners to focus on It’s Alright With Me. The shuffling, instrument-heavy opening to It’s Alright With Me provides proper highlighting of Ruff’s vocals. The effort spins out to a mid-1970s Motown meets modern jazz sound. The smoky production of the track allows these wide-reaching elements to be collected under one umbrella. While there are distinct sections here, the ability of the band is such that a cohesive and coherent sound will greet listeners. Continue reading “Over It by Maddy Ruff | Review”