Smoked Peach Short Weisse (Smuttynose)

The Smoked Peach Short Weisse from Smuttynose ($6 from the brewery directly, available through normal distribution) is the latest release from the Smuttlabs line, available in 16.9 ounce bottle. The beer pours with a goldenrod coloration and nothing in the way of head or lacing. The peach nose is intense here and is matched well during the initial quaff. Equally present during this early segment of Smuttynose’s Smoked Peach Short Weisse is the light toasted and smoked flavor of the malt; what results here is something that is neither too sweet or tart.Smoked Peach Short Weisse The beer is refreshingly light for the season but has just enough oomph to keep things warm and cozy through the winter months. Continue reading “Smoked Peach Short Weisse (Smuttynose)”