Tiny Fighter “Hollow Talk”

Tiny Fighter’s “Hollow Talk” will immediately draw listeners in with rich vocals and emotional instrumentation that is deep, dense, and detailed. The interplay between Travis Barker-esque drums, strings, and non-lyrical vocals ensure that listeners will continually find new twists and turns many spins in. Hollow Talk’s extended instrumental section acts as the coda for the single, providing a finality to the effort that further drives it deep into listeners’ minds. Tiny Fighter makes an effort that touches upon the work of Switchblade Symphony, early Patti Smith and Lorde while putting their indelible mark on the effort.

We covered Tiny Fighter’s New Century back in January.

Tiny Fighter “Hollow Talk” / Twitter

Tiny Fighter “New Century”

Tiny Fighter’s “New Century” is a complex track that deftly takes up a number of different genres in its sound. Hints of nineties alternative, the singer-songwriter tradition, and even hints of pop can all be discerned here. The thoughtful guitars, chunky bass lines, and on-point drums unite to make for a solid backdrop upon which Therese’s vocals can stretch their arms. A laid-back tempo allows alt-country and 1980s-era Cure influences to bubble through at point. Tiny Fighter make one of the most unique tracks we’ve heard in New Century, and does so in a fashion that listeners of numerous styles will find something to appreciate.

Tiny Fighter “New Century” / Twitter