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Les Hatepinks – Tete Malade/Sick in the Head / 2007 TKO / 7 Tracks / /

Les Hatepinks may be the most well known of punk bands coming from France in the current period. Speaking as an American, they may just be the most famous French band that I know of currently. This EP starts out with “Sexual Liberation is For Animals”, and it shows that the band is very influenced by a mixture of the early seventies punk style (Ramones, MC5, and Dictators) with a more current streetpunk style.

The only thing that stops “Sexual Liberation” from immediately succeeding is the band’s reliance on the title phrase. The repetition of specific phrases is something that will haunt Les Hatepinks through the entirety of this EP, but it effects the band at different levels through this EP. For example, the title track succeeds on practically all levels. The catchy instrumentation of the track and the controlled use of distortion makes this into a track that is only further strengthened by its’ short runtime. The more subtly stated sound of “My City of Sick of Pizza” provides a different variation on the band’s style, and allows them to more firmly entrench themselves in the earliest styles of punk rock. However, the band again comes into problems with the repetition of key phrases; the runtime of the track may only be ninety seconds, but it still feels as if the band has gotten into a rut by the end of things. I understand that there might be a language barrier between Les Hatepinks and their English audience, but I know I don’t mind listening to songs in foreign languages.

The one thing that can be said about “My City Is Sick of Pizza” is that it does seem as if the Les Hatepinks are trying to shift things up in regards to the vocals, even though the band may not always succeed at that goal. “In The Front” is yet another short and catchy track, but it does not seem to add anything new to the overall sound of “Tete Malade”. The band is able to make a serious statement through the entirety of this EP, but it seems that the band needs to be given the space of a whole album to shine. The tracks have that good cohesion, but there is not enough here to make individuals listen in time and time again. Give this disc a spin or two and then wait until Les Hatepinks come out with their next full length.

Top Track: Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging

Rating: 5.1/10

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