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Moneybrother  – They’re Building Walls Around Us / 2006 Sabot / 6 Tracks / / /

I never had the chance to hear anything from Moneybrother’s last outfit, Monster. This Swedish rocker starts off “They’re Building Walls Around Us” with a track that is heavily influenced by the disco rock of the seventies. However, “They’re Building Walls Around Us” is a track that has a vitality that shines through to the current; this is heard most during the chorus, when a few extra voices interject at all the right times.

This seemingly small inclusion to the overall track gives the song a little more of a punk energy, and it is with a high momentum and a dancy style that Moneybrother goes into the second track of this EP, “Reconsider Me”. “Reconsider Me” continues the earlier style of Moneybrother, and it almost feels as if Moneybrother found the most obscure seventies track and stole them for eir own. Of course, that is not the case and it is just the case that Moneybrother is one of the few individuals that can make an album in 2006 that honestly does sound as if it is from a different period. Hell, “Reconsider Me” could even be a Meatloaf track if sang by the fat man eirself. The heavy vocal present during “Strange Is The Night” coupled with the emotive bass line makes the track into the strand out song on an album of strong tracks.

The only thing that could be construed as a weakness for this track would be the guitar line, which does not add anything that the iconic vocals and bass doesn’t do already. In fact, the guitars during the track seem to only be interesting when they ape those from “Superstitious”. Regardless, one could take all of the references to the current years out of this album and individuals would swear up and down that the disc comes from an earlier period. Moneybrother could release album upon album of this music and still have the same sort of vibrancy as is present on the average track on “They’re Building Walls Around Us”. While this is only a six song EP, I have little doubt in my mind that Moneybrother could double the amount of tracks and still come forth with the same rich instrumentation and full sound of “They’re Building Walls Around Us”. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later, and more individuals will be able to hear the amazing sound of Moneybrother when that happens.

Top Track: Reconsider Me

Rating: 6.5/10

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