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Poet’s Espresso June/July Issue / Free / :10 / 28M / [email protected] /

I typically don’t like poetry zines. The poetry in a lot of them seems too forced, like the writers themselves are trying to immediately equal a Tennyson or Williams. However, Poet’s Espresso is a poetry magazine that I can actually appreciate. This is due to the fact that none of the poets seem to be putting on airs with their poems here. Also, unlike many poetry magazines, there are pieces that do not immediately link themselves to poetry, as well as pictures in this issue. The pictures, all taken from the public domain unless cited in a caption, were taken from the public domain and provide reader’s eyes with a break. Of particular note during this issue has to be Taylor Graham’s “The Poem is Called Before the Gate Committee”, bringing legal imagery into description of the poem as art form, and James Lee Jobe’s “105 Degrees Today”, which shows the goodness of humanity in providing for lesser members of the animal kingdom.  There are different types of spacing and line breaks throughout this issue of poetry, which further breaks up any tedium that the issue may be accumulating. Perhaps the best non-poetry pieces have to be the Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips recipe as well as the listing of events taking place after the months covered by this issue. Even if individuals do not typically like poetry magazines, there is enough in the way of material here that individuals can sink their teeth into. I sincerely hope this project continues and is able to increase its’ size through the next few years.

Rating: 7.0/10

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