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Recourse – Weakening The Structure / 2007 Skinlifter / 8 Tracks / / /

“Frail Existence” shows that Recourse is a new type of metal band, playing as fast as possible while using the conventions of metal and harder rock. The band goes through all of the tracks on this EP at a breakneck speed. The track length may be about three and a half minutes time in and out, but the songs feel as if they are only about a minute long. The one thing that I can immediately hear about Recourse is that there is not enough in the way of variation to the tracks on “Weakening The Structure”. I can understand the band wanting to imbue each and every track on the album with the same sort of style, but the metal that the band plays is not tempered differently enough on each track to keep individuals focused in.

The band does have some interesting tracks when they are taken out of the larger context of the disc. This is especially the case with the title track, which has a very break-neck structure and a call/response style present in its’ structure. The machine-gun drumming that is present during “Nature of Conflict” is another high point for Recourse. Simply put, if the band was able to go forth and just release all of the tracks on “Weakening The Structure” as singles, the band would be much more successful.

The band simply does not vary up their attack enough to really keep individuals interested even through an EP such as “Weakening The Structure”. Their music is furious, their arrangements are solid, but there is just a lack in the amount of extra material present from track to track. Recourse could go back to the drawing board and check out their record/CD collections, perhaps there will be something present that they could add to the mix to make their next album pan out. Even having a track with John Gallagher (the producer, also of Dying Fetus) is not enough to change things up. If individuals want to hear a solid track done a number of times, this should be the album that is picked up. If one wants to hear different variations on a theme, wait until the band comes out with something that does just that.

Top Track: Nature of Conflict

Rating: 3.5/10

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