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Fat City #9 / $4.50 / 80M / :45 / / 

Okay, I understand that its cool to have pride for Boston, but can we please stop with the played-out Irish bands? This issue features a double-shot of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphies, along with enough Red Sox features to make individuals scream. The layoput is strong but there is a minor problem in regards to it in the sense that the advertisements merge well into the actual text. Individuals might be confused as their eyes shift from one piece to another. Fat City mixes irreverence with music coverage. Of particular note are the pieces of manuals that they reprint, with chunks of an Abercrombie & Fitch and U.S. military manual re-printed in this issue. The mixture of popular and unknown acts is solid throughout this issue, with Far From Finished thrown alongside acts like Dropkick Murphys. Fat City tries to give everyone something in this issue, and they succeed time and time again with this. The price of the zine is a liuttle prohibitive given the amont of material in this issue, but Fat City is close to breaking even. The offer for a free CD (which I was not allowed to take as it was a review copy) would make the deal all the sweeter and provide a second face to the zine. Solid reviews and a dedication to music makes this zine something that should at least be picked up once in a while; the only thing that could make this zine better is if there were a few more pages of material.

Rating: 5.6/10

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