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Redcast – S/T EP / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks / /

This Oregon band teases fans with only five tracks on their self-titled EP. The disc’s opening salvo is “Besides Myself”, a track which links together the style of early sixties pop with a contemporary brand of alternative rock. The linkage of these two styles seems odd at first, but Redcast are able to make this union work. The flittering synth line that operates as a second set of vocals at points during “Besides Myself” will remind listeners of the Manfred Mann Band, while the atmospheric sound of the track vacillates between They Might Be Giants, Fischerspooner, and The Monkees.

Where “Besides Myself” gave individuals some sense of what Redcast is trying to do during this EP, “Hopeless?” is the strongest effort to date. Each constituent part of the band, be it bass, synth, vocals, guitar, or drums, adds something that is a “must-listen” to the disc. Where “Besides Myself” had a decidedly retro sound to it, “Hopeless?” has a cutting-edge sound that will work perfectly on IMF or MTV2 (whenever the latter actually plays music). The vocals lay nicely on top of the instrumentation, ensuring that the track is memorable long after individuals stop listening. “Soap” is strong in its own right. The track is eclectic as all get out, with the band shifting influences and overall sounds a number of times during the tracks.

The one common thread that individuals can hear during “Soap” is the always-hopefully and hooky vocals, which fit perfectly, taking a quirky tack to complete a fun track. The EP ends with “A Thought From You”, which continues the trend of including hopeful, sunny vocals. The act has only been at it for a smidge over fifteen minutes, and they have captured the attention of anyone that has listened in. I know it may not be months before the band comes out with their full-length response to this EP, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will be able to capitalize on the sound that was first broached during this disc. While the band has a very cohesive sound between the five cuts on this EP, there is enough in the way of variation present that individuals never feel as if the band is just rehashing what has already been done. I know I will be keeping an ear to the ground for what Redcast does in the future.

Top Track: Soap

Rating: 7.8/10

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