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“In Between The Space of Things” shows that the band knows how to craft a rock track that touches upon the distinct genres and developments that have been created in the last fifteen years. Black Suit Karma comes forth on “Space of Things” with a tight set of musical arrangements that burst into fleshes of intensity that will stick with listeners for weeks and months after their first listen. This introduction is followed up by an equally strong “Omega Horse”, with the band’s deliberate progression showcasing the fact that the bands next hard rock attack is just around the bend. Where “In Between The Space of Things” played more to the Coal Chamber and Disturbed side of rock music, “Omega Horse” has a more storied, Pantera and Machine Head approach to things.

Where these two sets of influences are irreconcilable for some, Black Suit Karma has the talent and the desire to make them work together. The different styles and influences used during “Sludge In the Wall” thus can have Black Suit Karma use Alice in Chains, Jackyl, Motorhead and even Type O Negative in the creation of another solid, ass-kicking song. “Sick Junkie” has a martial feel to it that has an interesting interplay with the vocals, which themselves hybridize Chris Cornell and Papa Roach. When listeners pop in “Negative White”, they are hearing the synthesis of a new style of hard rock. Where many bands are more than happy to merely ape the current “big thing” in rock and metal, whether it be Papa Roach or Godsmack, what Black Suit Karma does during their “Negative White” is craft a unique style that listeners will love. The band does not peter off in the final tracks of “Negative White”, either: “Agony of Solitude” is a track that goes back all the way to “La Sexorcisto” for primary influences, while putting forth a tight drum line that will tattoo itself right into listeners minds and hearts.

“A Hole Inside” showcases Black Suit Karma’s ability to plot and plan out a track, without telegraphing their moves. The shift into a harder style is something that comes on quickly but sounds right when listeners hear it, making for another solid track. Black Suit Karma bashes out 10 single-ready rock tracks with nary a misstep: check out their music on Myspace, see them live whenever and wherever they may be playing next, and make it a point to purchase their “Negative White” whenever you can. You cannot spend $15 any better.

Top Tracks: Sludge In The Well, Sick Junkie

Rating: 8.8/10

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  1. I love this band. Luckily I am local and have been to most of their recent shows. A friend took me to see one of her favorite bands (I won’t mention who) and I was not impressed. Now the main act Black Suit Karma blew me away. Not only do the songs sound amazing on the CD they sound even better live. I won’t give it all away, in case you get a chance to see them live, but the performace they give is on equal to that of what I would pay BIG arena money to see. The live version of Lovers or Leeches has a special ending that you only get live! Needless to say I joined their myspace and have been to every show since! Not only do they play amazing music their isn’t an ugly face in that band .. they ALL have the ‘it’ factor and I am just waiting to see them on a major label or tour

  2. You hit the nail on the head referring to the 10 tracks as ‘single-ready’. It’s a real feat to crank out an album of punchy and riff-laden songs where ANY song on the disc demands radio play. (Much more than any song on my own quirky release.) I was impressed with the solid, modern production and the band’s chemistry. But where most band’s fail, I think vocals will always make or break a band’s viability, chance at succeeding, or having any real appeal to the masses. And BSK passes that final test with flying colors with their Freshman release. Will be watching for great things.

  3. I’m Tommy’s daughter.I think its kick awesome that my dad is in the coolest band ever!!!!People who don’t like them are stupid and don’t know a good band when they here one.Buy their cd!!!!!!!!!

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