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Cellador play a very clean and full-sounding brand of metal that has definitely decreased in popular since its heyday in the middle to late eighties. The style of music thatg Cellador plays during tracks like “Forever Unbound” is only paralleled by acts like Dragonforce in the current period. The guitar work is the first thing that individuals should hear in this track, with the splashy drums coming in soon after. To be honest, there is really no need for vocals during these tracks, but the lead vocalist makes a need for vocals as eir vocals are something that are just as classic as the rest of the pieces on the CD.

There are hints of Bruce Dickenson in eir vocals throughout “Enter Deception. Cellador might be coming up with this music in 2006, but one can just hear that the band’s hearts are back in 2006. All one can say with this album is “DAMN!”. This is the most genuine metal album of the year, as different parts of each track will go far to solidifying Cellador’s position in the new metal royalty. The band can cut through six minutes of music as if it was nothing; there are enough twists and turns present in “Enter Deception” that listeners will still find excitement in the album even if they have heard all of the songs on the disc ten times. The wonderful operatic opening to “Seen Through Time” gives listeners something different , and the band does not disappoint with another salvo of classic metal.

If this disc came out any time in the past, we would be talking about if as if Cellador was the next Judas Priest or Iron Maiden or Helloween; yes, they are just that impressive. The band even goes further than acts like Dragonforce because all their drumming on “Enter Deception” is real, and there are not filler tracks on their disc as there are in both Dragonforce and Blind Guardian albums. This is perfect workout music; the hard hitting drum beats provide the perfect soundtrack for a good repetition rhythm, while the vocals will pull someone working out away from the pain and fatigue in their arms and legs, allowing them to go farther and push themselves further than they ever have before. Thank you so much, Cellador, for coming out of what will probably be the best metal CD of 2006, and a disc that could probably win out over 2005 and 2004’s winners.

Top Tracks: Forever Unbound, Wakening

Rating: 9.5/10

Cellador – Enter Deception / 2006 Metal Blade / 8 Tracks / / / Reviewed 15 August 2006


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