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Luna Li’s “Cherry Pit”

By Gus Rocha One of the most compelling and notable singles released this past month, “Cherry Pit” stands as the pinnacle of Los Angeles-based artist Luna Li’s skyrocketing career. A native of Toronto, Li grew up in a musical environment and, at an early age, began studying classical music and hanging around a tight-knit community of musicians who attended her mother’s partner’s music school. After graduating high school, she attended…

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Topps NOW Releases Dr. Fauci Card Today (7/24)

The card will be available this afternoon (7/24) for 24-hours only, for $9.99 exclusively at as part of the Topps NOW collection, capturing legendary moments throughout the 2020 MLB season. Investing in sports cards is a smart gambit with this card.  The card captures Dr. Fauci, donning a Nationals jersey, hat, and face mask, firing a strong effort to the plate, signaling the official start of the 2020 MLB…

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ALUK TODOLO Release Voix 2/5

Aluk Todolo returned to the studio during May – June 2015 to record their fourth album, entitled Voix (“voice[s]” in French). And now, the album is set for European release on February 5th via Norma Evangelium Diaboli [NED] (same date in North America via The Ajna Offensive).

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The Shrine Release Coming Down Quick Video

The Shrine have released the video for “Coming Down Quick” from their upcoming Century Media Records debut, Rare Breed. The record will see a release on January 15, 2016 (with extended content) in North America. Produced by Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains’ Dirt, Jane’s Addition’s Nothing’s Shocking, Social Distortion’s self-titled, The Offspring’s Ixnay On The Hombre and Eno/Byrne’s My Life In The Bush of Ghosts); the track was recorded through…

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DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review

The intuitive nature of the DaVinci Ascent allows individuals to easily find the temperature that they would like for their herbs. The easy to read screen allows users to know precisely the level at which they would like to vaporize their plant material. The product is able to impart the effect of medicinal material without having to combust it. The Ascent is very light and will fit into any sort…

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Iggy Pop – A Million In Prizes: The Anthology (CD)

Iggy Pop has went too long without a comprehensive discography, especially considering the sheer weight of eir contributions to the state of current music. EMI has found this fact to be particularly fitting and really have hit a home-run with this disc. Now, there is nothing wrong with the collection of tracks – all the hits are there, whether it be “Raw Power”, “Lust For Life”, “Real Wild Child” or…

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Incarnated – Pleasure of Consumption (CD)

The repetition that starts out “Dying Sounds” is on the verge of being unbearable; there can only be so many times that a band can expect a riff to win over the crowd. A number of times on “Pleasure of Consumption”, especially during tracks like “Blood For Blood” “the drumming moves beyond the realm of what can be done a human and honestly sounds as if someone looped the hits…

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I Farm – So My Kids Won’t Have To (CD)

I Farm are beyond quick in their style. A screamed out vocal style is present that is not quite unlike Leftover Crack, where there is a high amount of early (1,039-era) Green Day hidden amongst these screeched-out vocals. Tracks are almost always under two minutes; if a song is going badly for I Farm, there is ample chances for the band to bail. During a track like “Luck (Likes The…

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Idioverse – Demo (CD)

“Lounge Music For Punks”; no. Alternative music with strong ties to Radiohead and Jane’s Addiction, yes. Beginning their disc with “Outstamp”, an over-distorted track that has hints of “Street Spirit” in it, a mess of two and three voices that really doesn’t get far off the group, especially with the 60s-influenced guitar work in the bridge. The odd time-signature and squeaky, Incubus-esque vocals of Ben van der Poorten during the…

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Idiot Pilot – Strange We Should Meet Here (CD)

The sound of idiot Pilot looks back to the shoegazer rock of the mid-nineties, slowly gliding over tracks like “Losing Color” with controlled chaos (in terms of the guitar riffs) and ethereal-feeling vocals. The much more noisy “A Day In The Life of a Poolshark”, specifically the Jeckyl/Hyde nature of the track allows for all listeners to see another side of the band. The look-back towards Radiohead’s “Ok Computer” is…