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“Get Your Green On” is an eclectic track. In the course of only four minutes, One World (R)evolution are able to take on distinct musical approaches from the seventies, eighties, nineties and today. The overall rock style is a funk-filled one, with a number of gear changes that keep the track interesting. “Stop The Insanity” continues furthering this rock sound, but puts the slightest bit of country into the track. This sound can be traced all the way back from Hellyeah to legends like Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Where there are a number of artists striving to keep older musical styles alive, One World (R)evolution are able to smoosh these styles together to create something unusually brilliant in a tepid genre. “Voice is Calling” slows things down, and collapses the expansive sound of earlier tracks into a soulful bit of acoustic-led rock. The positive message furthered by One World (R)evolution on “Transitions” is present through the disc’s entirety of 14 tracks, but at no point does it feel as heavy-handed as political punk or evangelical Christian music. Rather, the vocals come back to the topic, more to nudge listeners into researching on their own rather than spouting lines as fact. In the same way, the music on “Transitions” is just more honest and heart-felt than efforts in either of the aforementioned genres. “Look Inside”, for example, will immediately pull at listeners’ heartstrings from the initial guitar work.

After that, the smooth, silken vocals firmly affix listeners to their seats, as they follow the band out to the completion of the track. “Goodbye” is the final track on the disc, and the track itself touches upon psychedelic, blues, and even Americana rock styles. The energy brought to the track is what will stick to listeners long after the disc has finished up, and One World (R)evolution has created in “Transitions” an album that is solid through and through while rising in action until the delightful conclusion reached in “Goodbye”.

Top Tracks: Get Your Green On, Why Can’t We Love Each Other

Rating: 8.0/10

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