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The versatility of the ATH-ANC23 phones is considerable. The design of the headphones is such that it is perfect for those that are working out, either on their cardio or their weight days. However, the noise cancelling aspect of the headphones increases their versatility. When this option is switched on, a listener is lost in their own world. The volume needed to bleed through the headphones is nothing less than shouting – someone simply talking to an individual with the ATH-ANC23 headphones on will not be able to make any progress. This feature is further benefited through the inclusion of smartly-designed Comply Foam Tips, which seal off the ear canal and decrease the volume level of the outside world.

Simply put, I believe that the Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 headphones are the best that I have ever used. The way in which the bud is formed ensures that the headphones do not slip, while the reproduction of a wide variety of media (CD, iPod, television) is crisp and is incredibly sharp. The durability of the ATH-ANC23s ensures that the cost that one puts out for them (at around $100) is sufficiently moderated.

The different extras that are provided with the ATH-ANC23 headphones are numerous, but I feel that the airline adapters are an absolutely perfect addition – they are what will make long trips bearable. In regard to additional costs, the amount of juice that the headphones take up is low – just get a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries and replace them whenever the noise cancelling ceases to work. When it comes to working out, walking around, or trying to drown out the world around you, there is no reason that individuals should not seek out their own pair of the ATH-ANC23 headphones; there is simply no comparison that can be made.

Rating: 9.3/10

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