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I find it tremendously interesting when an act that is not from the United States is able to come forth and create music that speaks so well to the American context. Crystal begins with “The Moment My World Stood Still”, a metal-laced song that links shredding guitars and equally-fitting drums in with an atmospheric meets gothic set of vocals. The track’s six-minute runtime gives Chantry proper time to introduce themselves to listeners, while subtly changing arrangements to keep things fresh throughout. “Tiny Little Secrets” taps out at the five-minute mark, but Chantry continues to pack their compositions full with twists and turns, virtually requiring multiple listens for an individual to fully grasp what all has been presented them here. “Spiral Designed Lullaby” flips expectations on their ear, with Viking-infused guitars and medieval drumming crafting one of the hardest arrangements ever heard.

When the vocals finally kick in, they provide an utterly different trajectory to the track and to the whole disc. With an additional amount of fury present, these vocals strike out in a completely new direction. Marrying themselves to the cutting guitar riffs present, the vocals give to Chantry a completely new tool for their arsenal. Brutal, eclectic, and always on, Chantry is the rare example of a metal band that can vary their sound up over the course of an album and have it workout without a single hiccup.

This is exactly what happens on Chantry’s Crystal, where the compositions on the disc link together to make a cohesive cosmos of rock music. Where each of the titles on Crystal can be enjoyed on their own, the 10 tracks on the disc really do unite to create a full experience that has to be heard. Whether it is the opening strains of “The Moment My World Stood Still” or the closing riffs of “Miles Away”, there will be something on Crystal that draws you in and never lets you go. Check this disc out today.

Top Tracks: The Moment My World Stood Still, Spiral Designed Lullaby

Rating: 8.0/10

Chantry – Crystal (CD) / 2011 Self / 10 Tracks /

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