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It wasn’t too long ago that I considered becoming an English teacher. After being in school for two semesters, and getting used to the rituals of homework, lectures, and projects, I began to wonder what it would be like to actually have to plan and organize all of the things that my professors did every day. It soon came to pass that I also made friends with a graduate student at my school who would teach undergrad classes. She sometimes would have all sorts of things on her plate and would be rather disorganized. It was at that time that I showed her iStudiez Pro for the iPod touch. She immediately fell in love with it. We both wondered if the people who made iStudiez Pro would ever make an App for teachers. Then a couple weeks ago I got an email from my friends over at the iStudiez team saying they’d like me to do a review of such an App. I’m sure you could imagine both my surprise and delight. It was almost as if they had just picked out one of my heart’s sincerest desires and made it a reality.

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on kicking the tires, so to speak, and consulting a few teacher friends of mine, of whom have limited time, and we’ve all agreed that this App is another home run for the iStudiez team. Borrowing heavily from themselves, which is totally allowed, they have crafted the perfect tool for teachers to keep their classes in line.

The GUI is almost identical to the other iStudiez Apps, which is good in my opinion, and it feels like the logical next step for them to take. Along the bottom is the familiar four buttons; Today, Calendar, Assignments, and Planner. Each does what you might assume it to do. Today gives you a quick over view of the days events, Calendar gives you the months overview with helpful GUI elements like dots and paper clips to help you figure out what is going on at any given time, Assignments lets you add and track of your assignments, and planner lets you do the more detailed things like add classes, semesters, and keep attendance for those classes.

Planner has some more interesting features though. It gives you the ability toads students to your classes up to and including taking pictures of their faces for you to better learn their names and help keep attendance. Also you can track your assignments from planner and email them to students. You can add holidays or non-class days. Need a grade book? This App has got you covered too. You can keep track of individual students grades in here, too. So far I have not found one feature that I would have to go and get another App to accomplish what needs done in a typical week at school.

Right now this App is only available for iPod touch and iPhone, but seeing as how iStudiez Pro is out for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, it stands to reason that there will be other versions coming down the pike soon. Right now the App sells for $4.99 here I. The states, and I feel it’s worth every penny. If you find some feature missing from the App, feel free to go into settings and hit the ‘request feature’ button. I’m sure the iStudiez guys will take care of you.

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