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Shake It Like A Hillbilly is the first track on Ringo Manor, and it immediately showcases Hillbilly Vegas as an act that can touch upon the work of Every Mother’s Nightmare and Bon Jovi, while still having a little bit of a country twang. What results during Ringo Manor is an album that is catchy and musically sound. The energy generated during Shake It Like A Hillbilly does not diminish during Ringo’s Manor’s second track, Oklahoma 3.2. Ostensibly about the weaker Oklahoma beer, the echo-y tenor of the vocals sets the track off from the rest of the disc’s fare.

Little Miss Rough and Tumble is a strong break from the style that Hillbilly Vegas brought to the beginning of Ringo Manor. However, the band is talented enough that they can take this musical deviation and come out stronger than before. This track provides listeners with a good sense of the narrative quality of the act, building off of the work of a Black Crowes to create something that is immediately salient to a wide array of fans. Broken blends the faster and slower styles of Hillbilly Vegas into a cohesive sound. The vocals are incredibly emotive and showcase a dynamism that is simply not present in a great many of the albums being released today.

Wrong Side of Goodbye blends piano and guitar into a dense track, over which the aforementioned vocals are able to sore. There is no limit to the radio-worthy efforts that are present on Ringo Manor; whether the band is going slowly or quickly, listeners will be hanging on to each utterance and lyric. Ringo Manor stays strong even as it hurtles towards its end; Mason Jars and Moonlight is the final track and hangs with the rest of the title. This is because of the distinct guitar riffs that lead off the track and a swaggering set of vocals that marry the best sides of hard rock and country. Hillbilly Vegas is an act that I’d love to see live, just to see what sort of additional energy that they can bring to the table.

Top Tracks: Shake It Like A Hillbilly, Little Miss Rough and Tumble

Rating: 8.4/10

Hillbilly Vegas – Ringo Manor (CD) / 2011 Self / 11 Tracks /

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