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There are few titles that are tied into specific movies that are able to keep players’ attentions for large amounts of time. Brave, released for the Nintendo DS, is a title that would shine no matter whether it was associated with the Disney-Pixar release. The gameplay’s controls are intuitive, while the game itself possesses a care with the graphics that firmly ensconces the title in the Brave world. Players will assume the role of Merida as ey is attempting to remove the curse that will allow eir kingdom to flourish once again.

The DS version of Brave provides players with 20 full levels, broken up into chapters; there seems to be a shift in the overall feel with each of these sections. The difficulty of learning the controls is lessened by the presence of a few introductory chapters; these allow even those at younger ages ample opportunity to play the game.

Brave’s DS release stands head and shoulders above other efforts for the portable not only in regards to game play and overall graphics, but also the sheer array of different voices and noises created for the title. There is not the rote repetition of lines and utterances that tends to happen more often than not on DS efforts.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Brave for a limited time and you can receive a free admission to the film. With movie costs rapidly approaching $10 a ticket, this decreases the cost of the game considerably. Here’s to hoping that other movie studios will be able to work with gaming companies such as Disney Interactive Studios to create titles that are fun, utterly immersive, and stay true to the canon created by the film.
Rating: 8.0/10

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