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The La Brea Focaccia Breadsticks are hands down the best frozen bread product that we have had the chance to review this year. Pop them into the oven for a few minutes and they will be ready, staying fresh and warm for a while after. While the company directs purchasers to place the Breadsticks into the oven, 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave will allow them to be fresh. The crusts on the breadsticks provide the perfect amount of bite-back and allows one to pick up sauce with each dip.

The only change that I would make to the La Brea Focaccia Breadsticks would be to add a little more garlic. The breadsticks will complement pasta dishes, steaks, and fish alike. The bread itself is hearty and filling, resulting in greater value. Where I could normally polish off a few breadsticks with a filling dinner, it was a struggle to finish even one breadstick. For those that are concerned with their figure, the calorie count of the La Brea Focaccia Breadsticks is low (100), while the carbohydrates are a manageable 20 grams (7% RDV).

Visit their website at for more information about La Brea’s bread offerings.

Rating: 9.5/10

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