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Cavatica Stout is a dark and malty effort from Oregon’s Fort George Brewery, tipping the scales at 8.8% ABV. The beer pours a dark brown / black color with a tannish head that sticks around. The alcohol burn of the beer moderates a sweetness that pushes through at points. Hints of smoke and chocolate can be discerned, while a nice hop finish keeps things for subsequent sips. As the beer continues to warm up, dark fruit and molasses elements become more prevalent. As the hop flavors fade a bit, the Cavatica Stout takes on a more silky texture. The beer is complex while remaining incredibly delicate, fragrant while possessing considerable bite, and keeps its backbone at all temperatures and at all positions in the can.

Cavatica Stout can be found in 16 ounce cans anywhere where individuals can locate Fort George efforts; one or two of these cans would be more than enough to get a night started. For more information about the brewery’s line up and their pub, visit the brewery’s domain ( ).

Rating: 9.0/10


Cavatica Stout / Fort George Brewery / Imperial Stout / 8.8% ABV /

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