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If you know Everett De Morier, you know unpredictability.

In a career that has spanned more than twenty-five years, Mr. De Morier has written everything from the Weekly World News’ My Wife Is Having the Reincarnation of Elvis to the Hollywood optioned Thirty-Three Cecils. He’s an essayist, an author, a humorist, a contributor, a thinker. And, a seeker. Because a decorated career that has included appearances on the likes of CNN, Fox, NPR, and ABC has enabled him to just scratch the surface.


The chameleonic nature of his literary and theatrical work, ranging from the 543 essay collection The Invention of Everything: Insights on Life, Food, and One Good Thermos to the musical drama Finding Sergio for Cornerstone Drama of Dover, Delaware, are indicative of one thing. Mr. De Morier is just getting started. Soon, something that is a culmination of the seasoned talent inherent in all these projects, yet something undeniably different, will take hold. Something Mr. De Morier, and those around him, know will change the game. Something that is a testament to how little we may know about the world around us.

Forget everything you think you know.

This is more than something related to Everett De Morier. Yet it has everything to do with him, as well as being beyond him. It’s a secret that has been carried, for far too long. A buried truth from which there may be severe ramifications. An albatross marking for some the last thing they may ever see. Because a twenty-five year career can’t prepare you for something

unprecedented in its implications.

Because no matter what you think you’ve seen, and no matter what you think you’ve heard, when a curtain pulls back and light is thrown onto the shadows – something strange and terrible may be staring you back in the face. Something indicative of a place that few comprehend, and many may never turn back from. A place some call fresh Hell, others home, and some just a place where you go to bury the past…

We will be watching you.

Yes, you.

If you read Everett De Morier, you need to keep abreast of this. If you care about Everett De Morier’s work, you need to keep abreast of this. Any update, any change will be crucial. They will form the trail from which you may begin to understand the situation. But remember, above all else, this isn’t just about Mr. De Morier. This stretches far beyond the influence of one man. But he’ll count on you.

Because the success of this initiative doesn’t just concern the affected, it concerns you. Keep your eyes wide, your mouth shut, and remember that nothing appears as it seems. There’s a world out there you won’t see coming, not until you feel the coldness grazing the hairs on the back of your neck. And the walls come crashing down.

Mr. De Morier will reveal everything, in 2023, the following year.

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