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Gallows play a brand of hardcore metal that goes into the style of acts like Men’s Recovery Project and Agoraphobic Nosebleed at times. However, during tracks like “Kill The Rhythm” and “Come Firendly Bombs”, the band create a much more approachable sound than any of those two acts. This means that during a “Come Friendly Bombs”, individuals can easily understand why the band arranges things the way they do, and they can even understand what the hell is being said. Hell, during “Come Friendly Bombs”, the band takes on a style that sounds more later Corrosion of Conformity than Job For A Cowboy.

Even though the band has normal track lengths for the songs on “Orchestra of WolveS”, the energy and drive put into each track by the band will make the songs feel as if they dod not exceed ther two minute mark. “Abandon Ship” is another track that has Gallows create their own distinctive sound; there are hints of hardcore, emo, and metal all present in a untiy that has not been previously heard. The band has an ear for marketing, so I could completely see the band making it onto a Madden or Tony Hawk game in the near future. Gallows are one of the few acts that can stick fifteen tracks on the disc and end the album with the same energy that they started with; by the time that “In the Belly of a Shark” starts, individuals will be completely behind the band and what they are trying to do with this album.

The progression of the band during the aforementioned track is why I’m behind them; the act continually shifts and varies their sound, but does not give up any of the fury or power that they have exhibited up to that point. The band can even blend together equal parts of AFI and Avenged Sevenfold for a track (“Six Years”) and have it work in the greater context of the disc. The more thrashy, catchy punk arrangements present during this track are different from anything else that has been on “Orchestra of Wolves” to this point, and this ability to play differing styles is the reason why this extended album is able to continue piquing listeners’ interests. Give the disc a go if you are a fan of melodic hardcore music that has more than its’ fair share of punk influence. The Gallows are the shit, to use a common phrase.

Top Tracks: Six Years, Stay Cold

Rating: 7.5/10

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