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Piebald starts off their “Accidental Gentleman” with “Opener”, and the band settles into an Offspring-type of sound. This means that there hints of rock along with punk, coupled together to create an energetic sound that will get individuals singing along. “A Friend of Mine” blends styles to include acts like Weezer, The Aquabats, and The Vandals; the resulting track is even more vibrant and bouncy than “Opener” and keeps the energy up high. The distinctive vocals of Piebald’s lead singer are the thread that glues together all of the efforts by the band.

The band plays feel-good rock music, and while none of the compositions on “Accidental Gentleman” are pushing the edge of what it means to be a rock or punk style, the songs are solid and fun to listen to over and over again. Piebald would have literally sold 10 million albums if they were around and releasing albums of this style when Foo Fighters and Weezer were first getting their footing. It is not hard to see that the styles individuals like has changed considerably; “Accidental Gentleman” is an album that works well in the current era, but would have broke the band big in 1995 or 1996. The blending of the distinctive vocals of Piebald with a piano line during “Strangers” make for the first track that individuals could honestly look at and expect big things from.

The hookiness of the vocals during this track is without comparison. The first few tracks on “Accidental Gentleman” are solid and fun, but “Strangers” is great in a way that even eclipses it. Where “Strangers” was a track that showed that even slow tracks can be compelling and interesting, the band goes back to a quicker style with “Oh, The Congestion” and does much of the same thing. The band succeeds on “Oh, The Congestion” due to the inclusion of an earlier rock style that is different from anything else that has previously been on “Accidental Gentleman” up to this point. I’ve always liked Piebald as a band, but it feels like “Accidental Gentleman” is that next step forward for their experience as a band. Solid vocals, interesting instrumentation, everything the band needs to succeed is here. I believe that the band will be able to crack the ceiling and rocket up the charts with their next album.

Top Tracks: Strangers, On and On

Rating: 6.9/10

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