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Slaughterhouse 3 – S/T / 2006 Abstract Logix / 11 Tracks / /

There is a lot of Primus present in Slaughterhouse 3. This is due to the fact that the band starts out the disc with a self-titled track that has the same eclectic sound as what has been crafted in the past by bands like Primus and To My Surprise. There is a little bit more funk and jazz present than in the latter’s composition, but there is more than a passing comparison to be made. What could be done to increase the allure of this album would be to add a set of vocals at specific times.

The band may be big fans of noodling around and doing a jazz version of a jam band, but Slaughterhouse 3 seems to come back to the same general sound time in and time out on this self titled debut. The band has a tremendous amount of talent, but there needs to be a little bit more in the way of variation present in their music. Hopefully it will be the case that Slaughterhouse 3 adds some of the changes I’ve suggested. This album sat on the shelves for a while, besides the fact that it was recorded in July of 2005, it has a release date of 2006 as a self-released album, and finally was released by Abstract Logix this year. The band has members that have been around the block quite a few times (Gary Willis and Kirk Covington are two of the three members), but there just is not enough in the way of new material provided listeners to make this album spin quickly or stick with listeners after it finishes up.

A high point of the CD is the six-minute long opus “Another Chance”, which slows down things to allow listeners to really hear the nuanced arrangements conceived by Slaughterhouse 3. While it does open up a little slowly, the infusion of a jazz horn to the mix makes it seem like a fitting track for the holiday season. If the band could go more in the direction forged by “Another Chance”, Slaughterhouse 3 would be able to categorize their next album as an unqualified success. While there are problems present with this album there is nothing present that would present too much of a problem to change. Give this disc a go if you are a fan of the constituent members’ work, but otherwise just wait until Slaughterhouse 3 comes out with their next album.

Top Tracks: Moof, Stinky

Rating: 5.2/10

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