Control the Airspace

Control the Airspace / $20.00 / / iLLRePuTePRoDuCTioNS, 747 1/2 Avalon Ct , San Diego, CA 92109

Control the Airspace DVD – This is simply a movie that focuses a lot on skateboarding and surfing. With tons of footage of both aforementioned sports, filmmaker Casey Kindred also intersperses the action footage with interviews of a host of friends and individuals. Tying together birds, airplanes, and the air a skater gets to the events of 9-11, Casey really creates something that is greater than the sum of its parts. My complaint is that the movie is too short (50 minutes), but the quality of footage and of music really make for any lack in the time department. Another note about the music : it is by far the strongest part of the movie, alternating between punk, jam, and rap music, and I would personally buy this DVD on just the music contained within. A humorous subplot involving a monkey and his promiscuous girlfriend, really are a visual nod to Casey’s other project, “The Monkey”. As it stands in the movie, this sub-plot really acts more of a divider between the numerous locale changes and events. By far, if one was to buy one skating or surfboarding DVD this year, I would honestly say to buy this one, as opposed to all of those big-named compilations, as this packages the essence of these sports, instead of just being purely technical .

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