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Actor Linda Collins’ 2023 is busy, to say the least

Actor Linda Collins has a huge slate of projects slated to release this year. Whether it is the upcoming show Clique or a role in Omar Moore’s Paper, Collins makes sure that her dance card is quite busy. This seems to be the modus operandi for Collins, who’s turn in Three For The Road has been routinely lauded through numerous showings at film festivals. Of all the roles that Collins…

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Star Trek: Discovery – Seasons 1-3 DVD Set 

Star Trek: Discovery has had one of the craziest rides of any of the Star Trek shows. While other efforts in the Star Trek franchise have remained consistent from season to season for the most part (with the notable exception of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2, the Xindi arc in Enterprise or the Dominion war seasons in Deep Space 9), Discovery has continually innovated and changed up the…

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George Michael Freedom Uncut Trailer Release; Tickets on Sale

Sony Music Entertainment and Trafalgar Releasing today launched the brand-new trailer for GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT, a deeply autobiographical feature documentary narrated by the late Grammy® Award winner. A poignant and moving tribute to the legacy of one of Britain’s greatest performers, in his final work George Michael reclaims the narrative of his career, personal life and controversies in collaboration with co-director, producer and friend David Austin. This feature-length documentary will be released as…

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The Hunt (DVD)

One of the most shocking revelations about the misunderstood thriller The Hunt is just how many right wing influencers, including the president, likely contributed to the movie’s sabotaged release, painting it as an example of “Liberal Hollywood” showing their contempt for Trump supporters by having them hunted for sport and calling it “[r]acist at the highest level”. The movie was also pulled in deference to mass shootings in Dayton and…

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The Invisible Man DVD review

There have been countless attempts by Universal to reboot and retell the classic H.G. Wells story of The Invisible Man, but thanks to an inspired modern twist on the classic story, the studio has finally turned in possibly the best and easily the scariest telling yet of this classic monster movie. Written and directed by Leigh Whannell (best known for his screenplays for Saw and the Insidious franchise), the movie…

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Star Trek – Short Treks (DVD)

As someone that grew up with Star Trek DS9 and Voyager in my childhood, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of Star Trek on the small screen from about the end of Enterprise until Star Trek: Discovery kicked off. Imagine my surprise at the deluge of shows and materials that would be released by CBS in the last few years. This DVD set collects the entirety of the…

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The Gentlemen (DVD)

Guy Ritchie has been sorely missed for the past decade or so. Sure, he was making movies (Aladdin, Sherlock Holmes, King Artur, etc.), but he wasn’t making GUY RITCHIE movies; movies filled with memorable gangsters, senseless violence, questionable protagonist and whip smart quotable dialogue. You have to go all the way back to 2008’s RocknRolla to even come close to prime Ritchie (Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch). The…

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Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ‘78 (DVD)

Long before the band Foreigner became lazy, shorthand slang for bloated, stadium dinosaurs (often and likely unfairly lumped in alongside era peers like Journey, Styx and REO Speedwagon), they were an upcoming band of British and American rockers with a knack for writing catchy, timeless songs with wildly memorable guitar riffs. In 1978, just two years into their existence and still boasting their classic line up, they played a blistering…

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Sitting down with Kodi & Lozen (Monochrome: The Chromism)

Today, we’re visiting with Kodi and Lozen, the duo behind the upcoming film Monochrome: The Chromism. Below are their musings on their film and the filming process. So, how did you two initially get together? Lozen Answering: A mutual friend introduced us. We first worked together on a gospel music video to help a local church.

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Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland

Scotland might seem like a curious place for New York-based thrash band, Anthrax, to film their latest concert DVD, but co-founder guitarist Scott Ian answers that question about half-way into the set. “You motherfuckers have always been good to us.”