Chaos UK – The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes [ADB]

12 songs released in 1998 by Creative Man Records.Breakneck UK Punk in the style of the Exploited, Sex Pistols, or Crass. There is very great drumming and vocals, which are typical pissed off Brit. They have just really good music that would be perfect to mosh to. The drummer should be revered by other drummers, because of the great sound he produces, and his speedy beat.”Kill” is the big Sex Pistols-ish song, and would be unrecognizable in a Sex Pistols album. Chaos UK is a 4 piece band. They have some driving guitar riffs, which is very reminiscent of Motorhead. On some of the songs, the lead singer sings so fast it is impossible to understand, and which also causes the problem that makes the songs sound the same. This is a great album , and if the band wasn’t from the 70’s, then definitely their hearts are there. The best song on the disc, by far, is ” Too cool for school, too stupid for the real world”.

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Author: James McQuiston

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