Posted on: May 6, 2024 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

We Feed Alone’s “What Burns Beneath” draws on late 1990s and early 2000s hard rock for influence. The song imparts a dark and brooding sound on listeners, while the angsty, tortured vocals are able to match the drums and guitars beat for beat. Whether Static-X, Nine Inch Nails, or late Nirvana, We Feed Alone are able to distill the spirit of acts that have preceded them into one seriously-awesome track. The beat of What Burns Beneath showcases what can happen when all constituent elements are in perfect lock-step. We’ll be blasting We Feed Alone’s latest track well into summer here at NeuFutur headquarters.

We Feed Alone “What Burns Beneath” / 2024 Self Released / 3:17 / Domain / Instagram

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