Posted on: May 6, 2024 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

One will immediately be drawn in by the interesting vocal delivery that starts out the new single from AG Gatling, Name It. There’s a drive to his delivery that starts out the song with a splash before settling into a more moderate tempo. The presence of Latice Crawford’s inimtable voice on Name It spins the effort into a bold new direction. It is this desire to keep things dfresh and interesting that sets off Name It from a great many singles attempting to gain attention. The backing instrumentation rounds out the track, adding in just a hint of modern R&B style to what is firmly entrenched in the gospel tradition. Listeners will continually hear new twists and turns the more they play Name It.

AG GATLING feat. LATICE CRAWFORD & READYAVE “Name It”  / 2024 Self Released / Youtube / Facebook /

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