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Junkyard Prophet – The Price / 2007 Self / http://www.youcanrunbutyoucannothide.com /

Junkyard Prophet has been under intense scrutiny for the politics that they espouse, especially those that are provided to individuals that are captive, stuck in a high school assembly. However, this review focuses on the music of “The Price”, rather than the politics that surround the band. To get a good idea of how the band has evolved over the years, a song like “Go Junkyard” (from their previous recording,  “Man of War” comes forth in a way that is similar to a harder edged Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The flow of the lead singer blends of Twiztid and P.O.D during this track, and what Junkyard Prophet do during their current album, “The Price” is work with this brand of rap-metal. It may not be what is popular in the current period, but the band tries to put forward a number of different styles and genres of music during each of the cuts on “The Price”. To give more of a comparison between the old and new styles of Junkyard Prophet , “Virtue” (from “Man of War” has a style that pushes forth a singalong style that has been used in the past by Toni Basil and Gwen Stefani. This song more closely resembles praise music and does not obfuscate the message of the band. I can see the use of having both styles of tracks; the more direct ones will be for those individuals that are hard line Christians while the more subtle tracks are for those individuals that first become hooked on the band’s output, and then can get into what the band is trying to say.

“Remember Me” starts off with an intense set of vocals, before the shrill guitar lines enter into the mix. The rap style that the vocals use soon after do not have an easy comparison; the closest thing that I can link them to would have to be a Bone Thugs or a Cypress Hill flow. Bringing together the rap and rock styles in a more Frankenstein monster’s style instead of the more natural style that Junkyard Prophet uses during their “Go Junkyard”. “Betta Beware” comes forth in a Rage Against the Machine style, with Junkyard Prophet using the same direct style that presented itself on “Remember Me”. “The Price” shows that the band has varied up their approach since “Man of War”, and has cleaned up their sound considerably. For fans of Christian rap-metal, Junkyard Prophet is the band for you.

Top Tracks: Remember Me, Betta Beware

Rating: 5.1/10

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