Limelight Girls Volume 4

Limelight Girls Volume 4, 2003 Limelight Productions , ,

For a general overview of the series, please check out the previous reviews in the set. This review will just cover the events of the third volume of Limelight Girls. Joselyn Pink starts off this collection sucking on a popsicle, showing off skills that will very soon be asked of her by the male actor. The fact that she keeps her clothes on while giving him oral sex is a bold direction for Limelight, and makes one’s imagination start to wander. In the reverse cowboy during this sequence, we notice that the male actor is getting a double workout, as during some of the time he seems to be physically lifting her up and down on his appendage. Joselyn’s body is physically perfect – even the miser that I am in awarding that title is only stopped from giving her an all-around ten is the slightly ethnic nose that seems out of place on the face.

Trinity is up next, and we are treated to a dogs-eye view camera entrance and a little bit of role-playing to set the mood for the scene. The perfect ten I was going to give to Joselyn – no worries, Chris redeems himself in finding a girl that is physically perfect, excepting the slight staticness of her breasts. The defining moment of the Limelight Girls series has to come during the facial when Trinity just throws a come-hither look to the audience. I know a shiver went up my spine as she licked her finger. Jasmyn comes hot and heavy onto the scene, her Latina body being the epitome of any that have been on Limelight up to this point. The teasing done by many of the girls on this video can also be done by your loveable reviewer, who truly – this time – deems Jasmyn the crux of the success of Limelight.

Finishing off, we have Kitty Johnson. Imagine if you were still in High School, and you were that poor kid in school that all the rich kids would rag on for being poor. Now, this really Yuppie girl in high school was having a party, and you found out about it and went late in the night. She welcomes you in and is utterly trashed, and you start to work your magic. Ten minutes later, she’s in bed and you are just pounding her, pounding her with all that pent-up anger at her. That is what Kitty looks like, sounds like, and even the physical action during this scene seems so much more vicious.

All and all, this is the best Limelight Girls volume yet. There is not a weak girl among this squad, and I know I will be coming back for more.

Rating : 8.3/10

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