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Necro – Death Rap / 2007 Psycho+Logical / 14 Tracks / /

Individuals that are into horrorcore rap will undoubtedly know who Necro is. However, for those that don’t (but may know other rap), Necro is the brother of Ill Bill. Furthermore, ey has worked hand in hand with a number of metal artists, in particular Obituary, Voivod, Hatebreed, and Slipknot. “Death Rap” is the title of this album as well as the self-given title of the genre that Necro has established. “Death Rap” is Necro’s sixth full-length album, and features collaborations with members of Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Suffocation, Death, and Anthrax (among others). “Creepy Crawl” is the first track on the disc and shows that the speed of Necro has not decreased in the slightest. The instrumentation acts perfectly in the track, flaring up only when Necro takes a break.

This means that individuals are continually assaulted with some form of the high end. To provide a contrast to the higher end of “Creepy Crawl”, Necro throws in a little bit of the heavier end with eir “No Remorse”. “Some Get Back (Revenge)” keeps up the breakneck flow of Necro while allowing the harmony to largely be created by the vocals, rather than the backing instrumentals. This is a trend that is unique to rap music, and it may be Necro that succeeds the best at providing a form of harmony with eir vocals. The one thread that is common to the tracks on “Death Rap” has to be Necro’s voice.

While someone else that would not vary their tracks quite as much as Necro would make a pretty rut-laden record, Necro is able to throw funk, metal, and old and new school rap into the mix and create an album that can never be pinned down. Tracks on the disc are all short enough that Necro can bail out if the song is not succeeding quite as much as ey wants it to; the disc’s 14 tracks close up shop at the thirty-seven minute mark. The different approaches that Necro takes during “Death Rap” increase the effective length of the album considerably; the different blend of styles and sounds make “Death Rap” an album that individuals can listen to constantly without getting tired or otherwise disaffected  by it. Give the disc a go if you are a fan of Necro, independent rap and hip hop, or individuals that can easily bounce through different genres.

Top Tracks: Exploitation, Keep On Driving

Rating: 6.3/10

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